Sydney Children's Hospital Stage 1 and Children's COMPREHENSIVE Cancer Centre

project summary

In early 2019 the NSW and Federal Governments announced $608 million to deliver brand new, state-of-the-art paediatric health, medical research and education facilities as part of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and the Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre redevelopment project.

The Randwick Campus Redevelopment team is working with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Children’s Cancer Institute and UNSW Sydney to plan and design Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Australia’s first Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre. Bounded by Hospital Road, High Street and Botany Street, the redevelopment will connect with UNSW’s Health Translation Hub to bring the Randwick Hospitals Campus and UNSW Kensington Campus closer together, forming an integrated Randwick Health and Innovation Precinct.

The collocation of paediatric healthcare, education and research environments will accelerate learning discoveries, engage clinical innovation with bedside care and meet the complex health needs of Sydney’s growing population with a future ready workforce.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to transform paediatric services and the next exciting phase of the broader Randwick Campus Redevelopment.

The services being delivered in Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre includes:

  • A new children’s emergency department and emergency short-stay unit, accessible from Botany Street with direct links to new and existing services
  • A new children’s intensive care unit
  • Australia’s first Comprehensive Children’s Cancer Centre, including:
    • State-of-the-art technologically advanced wet and dry laboratory spaces,
    • Education, training and research spaces,
    • New oncology inpatient units, and patient and family focused retreat areas,
    • A new day oncology unit
  • New inpatient units for medical and surgical specialties
  • New medical short-stay unit
  • New front of house and High Street drop off
  • New pharmacy
  • Back of house and logistics services.       
Where are we now? 

The project is undertaking the final design phase, known as Detailed Design. Similar to the previous design phases, the Project team will continue to collaborate in the co-design process with staff from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and the Children’s Cancer Institute, patients, families, and the community to design a world-class facility that meets the community’s needs and into the future.  

 The Detailed Design phase builds on the work undertaken during the Concept and Schematic design phases, including room and ward layouts, final decisions on room specifications, as well as coordination of technology, furniture, fixtures and equipment for different areas of the new Sydney Children's Hospital Stage 1 and Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre.  

Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The new children’s hospital and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre, combined with innovative approaches to research and healthcare are set to transform the patient, carer and family experience.

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Sydney Children's Hospital Stage 1 and CCCC Fact Sheet

The project is undergoing planning and design. The Concept Design phase for the project commenced in early 2020. Download the fact sheet to find out more about progress for the new children's health and research facilities at Randwick.

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Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre Fact Sheet

Find out more on how co-locating scientists with clinicians and educators will transform the treatment of childhood cancer.

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