Arts and culture


The arts and culture strategy will make a significant contribution to all aspects of the hospital environment and help situate the building within its site by telling the stories of its diverse communities. It will be inspired by patients and the local community, have a clear connection with the architecture and incorporate the interior design principles – Sense of Place, Unity, Visual Delight, Resilience.

The Arts and Culture Strategy draws on the rich local history and environment in a way that enhances a public place of great local significance. 

The Randwick hospital campus is situated in an area of stunning coastline, picturesque parks and bountiful native vegetation. It is well-known for its Aboriginal history and sites of first contact, significant heritage buildings and its relaxed lifestyle. 

Primary Theme: 
The Strategy celebrates ‘STORYTELLING: Yarns and Tales – a narrative of people and place’ as the theme for arts inspiration. The theme will encapsulate ideas of inclusion, community, Aboriginal history, cultural diversity, health and wellness, sustainability and the natural environment and integrate with the interior design and architectural concepts for the project.

Sub Themes:

  • Explore and tell stories of the Aboriginal people of the East Coast of Sydney

  • Celebrating diversity in all its forms by including the whole neighbourhood

  • Celebrate the extraordinary beauty of the parks and beaches that surround the campus

  • Honour the history and significance of the hospital and achievements of its community.