What is the Randwick Campus Redevelopment?

The NSW Government has committed $720m for the Randwick Campus Redevelopment which includes a new Acute Services Building for the Prince of Wales Hospital to support and strengthen the Randwick Health and Education Precinct.  The redevelopment will transform health services for the community.

What is in the new Acute Services Building?

The new Acute Services Building, opening in 2022, will provide a range of innovations and improvements that will greatly benefit patients, staff and the community, and will support comprehensive approaches to improving population health. It will include:
  • A new adult Emergency Department
  • An expanded Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre (PECC), adjacent to the Emergency Department
  • An expanded Intensive Care Unit
  • New inpatient units (IPUs) to support new models of care
  • New operating theatres for the Randwick Hospitals Campus
  • An expanded Central Sterilising Service Department
  • A community facing medical assessment unit supporting the delivery of care in the patient's home and providing an alternate entry point to the hospital
  • A new helipad to support all campus partners
  • Education, research and training spaces that will support collaborative clinical research and innovation.
For more information download the Acute Services Building Factsheet

Why is the Redevelopment needed?

The NSW Government has committed funding for the redevelopment in recognition of the need to improve efficiencies across the existing Randwick Hospitals Campus, improve aging infrastructure and address the changing models of healthcare to meet future growth and demand. Over 60 per cent of buildings on Campus are over 30 years old. The Prince of Wales Hospital is now operating close to capacity. Without this investment the hospital would have been unable to meet growing demand.

What is the difference between the Randwick Hospitals Campus and the Randwick Health and Education Precinct?

The Randwick Hospitals Campus includes the four major hospitals; the Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, Prince of Wales Private, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick as well as the Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Service, NeuRA, Black Dog Institute and Ronald McDonald House.  It is bordered by Hospital Road, High, Barker and Avoca streets.

The Randwick Health and Education Precinct includes the Randwick Hospitals Campus as well as the UNSW.  It also includes important health, research and education institutes such as the Kirby Centre, the Children’s Cancer Institute, The George Institute for Global Health, Scientia Clinical Research, Fertility Research Centre and the Centre for Eye Health.

For more information download the Randwick Health and Education Precinct Factsheet

How long will the Redevelopment take?

The first commitment of funds for planning the new hospital was in 2015.  Planning, designing and building a hospital takes time and our focus is on keeping pace with demand. Early works commenced in October 2018, with the new Acute Services Building expected to open in 2022.

In 2018, the Prince of Wales Hospital Emergency Department was refurbished and expanded to deliver eight new treatment spaces that will meet demand while the new Acute Services Building is built. Following the opening of the new Acute Services Building this space will be reconfigured for use as a renal dialysis unit.

Where are we up to now?

There are opportunities for community members to get involved in the planning process and the design of public spaces. Interested community members should contact the project team to get involved on 1800 571 866 or via email at randwickcampusredevelopment@health.nsw.gov.au.


What planning assessment has taken place for the project?

A Development Application (DA) for demolition of 92 dwellings and ancillary structures, removal of vegetation and site remediation was approved by the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel at its meeting 4 September 2018. The DA was recommended for approval by Randwick City Council. The DA was publicly notified by Randwick City Council in April 2018.

A State Significant Development application was lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment in 2018 for the construction and operation of the new Acute Services Building. An Environmental Impact Statement is available on the Department of Planning and Environment’s Major Project website.
Various supporting works, for example infrastructure upgrades, have been assessed under Part V of the Act and associated Review of Environmental Factors.


Why did the government need to acquire people’s properties?

The last major hospital upgrade occurred in 1997 and over 60 per cent of buildings on the campus are over 30 years old. The Prince of Wales Hospital is now operating close to capacity and without investment and the capacity to expand in the future, the hospital would have been unable to meet growing demand.

A growing population needs more schools, hospitals, roads and public transport to meet the needs of our local communities. The Randwick Campus Redevelopment will deliver an improved precinct with more capacity that provides better health, education and research services to the community and staff.

What is the status of property acquisitions?

All 92 properties in the area identified for the Randwick Hospitals Campus expansion have now been acquired and all residents have relocated to their new homes. Health Administration Corporation is in the final stages of acquiring Eurimbla Avenue from Randwick City Council.


What is the benefit of integrating healthcare with education and research?

Where there is integration of healthcare, research and education there are improved patient care outcomes, increased rates of innovation, improved training of clinicians and allied health professionals, and the real time application of medical research outcomes. The NSW Government is investing in the Randwick Health and Education Precinct to strengthen one of Australia’s leading centres for health and wellbeing. 


What construction work will occur?

For more information about construction activities, refer to:

What are the construction site hours?

The Randwick Campus Redevelopment site hours are:
  • Monday to Friday, 6.00am – 6.00pm
  • Saturday, 8.00am – 5.00pm
  • No Sunday work unless prior approval is granted
Truck movements will be reduced during peak times to minimise impacts to local roads.

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