mobile navigation solution set to transform patient experience

An interactive digital wayfinding solution set to launch in line with the opening of the new Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building (ASB), will make it easier for patients and visitors to find their way around the Randwick campus.

Intuitive digital kiosks will be located at all main entry points within the new hospital, and will be fully integrated with the rest of the Prince of Wales Hospital campus.

The new kiosks will not only allow people to search a specific location or service within the hospital and be shown the best path to get there, but will also enable users to scan a QR code and navigate their way to the location via a map on their own mobile device.

Similar to an online map application like Google maps, the mobile wayfinding feature will have “turn by turn” navigation, making it simple for users to get from A to B.

In acknowledging the hospital’s diverse community, the system will feature multiple languages, voice to text instructions and adaptations for visually impaired users.

A user group consisting of Prince of Wales Hospital staff and consumers will be established to work closely with the software provider, in order to ensure patient and user needs are considered when developing the application.

“This mobile wayfinding solution will transform the experience of the public arriving at the hospital for the first time," said David Signorio, ICT Manager for the Randwick Campus Redevelopment.

“We acknowledge that the campus is large and complex, and believe that this will improve the overall patient and visitor wayfinding experience. Users will even be able to save favourite locations in their phones for repeat visits.”

The digital kiosks and mobile app will be complimented by traditional directory boards, physical signage and staff available to provide directions at Information Desks.

Visit the project page to learn more about the Acute Services Building.