End of Trip facility – more than just bike racks in the basement!

The much-anticipated staff End of Trip facility is now open to South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and Sydney Children’s Hospital Network staff at the Randwick Hospitals Campus.

The new facility, located on level B3 of the campus car park, aims to encourage the use of active transport options and foster healthy lifestyle choices among workers, who are now better supported to cycle or walk to work, or exercise during the day.

Randwick Hospitals Campus staff and life partners, Marianne and Brett McCormick, were eager participants of the facility’s pilot program and have embraced the new wellness-centric space.

“The End of Trip facility is a real bonus and enables me to enjoy a healthy commute to work, with the knowledge that there is reliable and safe parking available for my electric bike, as well as showers and lockers to ensure I can have a pleasant and productive day at work,” said Marianne McCormick, Head of Department of Physiotherapy, Sydney Children’s Hospital.

It is clean, safe, and well-lit and provides plenty of bike and scooter parking. It has really made a difference to my working day and is a fabulous initiative to support staff at the Randwick campus  

The contemporary facility consists of expansive bike storage, modern amenities, change rooms, as well as a few added bells and whistles, including a bike repair station, showers and toilets, 80 secure lockers and 200 secure bike racks. There are also ironing stations as well as drying cupboards for wet lycra.

“The layout and flow of the parking, change areas, entry and exit all work well,” said Marianne.

Brett McCormick, Manager, Community Health Assessment and Therapy Team (CHATT), Prince of Wales Hospital Community Health said the new facility has made cycling a more viable transport option, regardless of the weather.

“I usually ride with my wife, Marianne. It’s great being able to get some exercise on the way to and from work. The bike repair station is great as well!” said Brett.