Focus groups launched to enhance single-patient room experience

Judah-for-web.JPGJudah has spent the first eight months of his life in hospital, and for his parents, having other families to share their journey with has been a source of comfort.

The eight-month-old has a rare genetic condition called Coffin-Siris syndrome and requires a tracheostomy and ventilator to help him breathe.

Judah has been cared for in a single-patient bedroom for the past three weeks of his stay at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

While his parents said their family benefits from having access to an ensuite bathroom and parent bed, social interactions with other parents are important to them.

"You can talk through your story with someone else, and you do not feel alone. You can see what other people are experiencing and get help from each other to get through it," said Judah's mum, Kirsten.

The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network is running a program called The Kids Way, to enhance the single-patient bedroom experience as the Network moves towards the model in future hospital buildings.

"The benefits of the single-patient rooms, beyond clinical, include reduced noise and light pollution, greater privacy and an individual ensuite, all contributing to a space that more closely supports a homely environment," said Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick Stage 1 Redevelopment Project Director Cathy Lovell.

The Kids Way team is conducting a survey and holding focus groups to learn more about previous family experiences with single-patient rooms. 

Head to the Sydney Children’s Hospital website for more information, including links to the survey and focus group registration.