new ct scanner arrives on site in a first for the emergency department

Emergency Department (ED) staff celebrate the arrival of a brand new CT scanner, which will be used solely for ED patients once the Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building (ASB) opens.

Having a dedicated CT scanner in the Emergency Department will significantly improve patient experience, as ED patients will no longer need to visit a separate location within the hospital to receive their scan.

The new equipment will result in more timely scans, reduced waiting periods and the ability to diagnose quicker, which in turn will increase patient flow.

“The new CT scanner is an exciting piece of equipment that will greatly improve the workflow within ED,” said Katie Sime, Change & Commissioning Coordinator for the project and Prince of Wales Hospital ED Nurse.

The CT scanner has recently arrived on site and is being installed in the new ED on level B2 of the ASB.

In addition to the two current MRI machines situated at Prince of Wales Hospital, the ASB will be receiving a new state of the art MRI machine, which will be located in the Medical Imaging department on level B1.

While X-Ray machines primarily examine bones, a CT scanner is able to capture 3D images of bones as well as soft tissue, organ damage or bleeds. On the other hand, an MRI takes a far more precise 3D image.

Visit the project page to learn more about the Acute Services Building.