ICU happy to call ASB forever home

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Prince of Wales Hospital (PoWH) moved into the new Acute Services Building (ASB) in early June, with the move playing a big role in boosting staff morale.

The abundance of natural light filtering into the unit through the large windows allows staff to feel uplifted, with many commenting on the beauty of sunsets as summer draws closer.

Another significant difference between the former unit and the new unit is the change from an open plan clinical environment to single in-patient rooms. PoWH also has the unique feature of sliding doors that link two rooms, enhancing patient safety, clinical supervision and collegiality. 

The team recently hosted their annual ICU Open Day, held for the first time in the new ASB. The main attraction for participants was seeing the integrated High-Fidelity Simulation Room in action. This simulation replicates real-life scenario s where the SimMan tests clinicians’ ability to rapidly respond to deteriorating patients, while also improving team cohesion and communication.

The simulation has empowered ICU clinicians to test their skills and responses to clinical emergencies, in turn supporting their growth and development in providing outstanding care to critically ill patients.

The simulation room also facilitates external courses, bringing critical care clinicians from across Sydney to PoWH for high-quality training.