SSD-9113 documentation

State Significant Development approval SSD-9113

On 27 February 2019, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) approved the State Significant Development application (SSD-9113) for construction and operation of the Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building comprising:
  • 13 storey acute services building (ASB)
  • overhead pedestrian links and helipad
  • excavation and associated site infrastructure and landscaping works
  • road upgrade works to Botany Street and Magill Street.

The planning approval is the result of a thorough assessment of the proposal and its environmental impacts.

The project EIS and supporting documentation is available on the DPIE Major Projects webpage.

Environmental Impact Statement (link to Department of Planning and Environment Major Project's webpage)
1. Approved plans
2. Notice of decision
3. Development consent  | MOD 1  | MOD 2MOD 3 Consolidated Consent
4. Assessment report
5. Pre-construction compliance report | Compliance Construction Report No.1 | Compliance Construction Report No. 2 | Compliance Construction Report No.3
6. Community communication strategy 
7. Complaints Register (issued monthly, combined for SSD-9113 and SSD-10339, as at 31 October 2021)
​8. Independent Audit Program

Independent Audit Report No.1 Sept 2019 Proponent Response to Independent Audit Report No.1
Independent Audit Report No.2 Jan 2020 Proponent Response to Independent Audit Report No.2    
Independent Audit Report No.3 July 2020 Proponent Response to Independent Audit Report No.3

9. Construction Monitoring Report (as at 30 June 2021)
10. Staging Report 

Crown Certificates
Crown Certificate 1 Piling and Bulk Excavation (Certificate no. 19/124846-3) - May 2019
Crown Certificate 2 - Slab and Structure L01, Trenching and Inground Services, Lift Pits, Pile Caps, Stormwater Main Works, Cores/ Jump Form (Cerificate no. 19/124846-4) - October 2019
Crown Certificate 3 - Structure L02 - Roof, Services and fitout Level B2 - Level 01 and associated BCA, DDA, and FER - June 2020
Crown Certificate 4 - Services and fit out Level 2 to roof top, roof (including helipad and other roof top elements), facade, canopies and other attachments - Nov 2020
Crown Certificate 5- (Certificate no. 21/124846-10) interface of the ASB eastern elevation and extension, modifications to the building facade and landscaping - May 2021
Crown Certificate 6- (Certificate no. 21/124846-11) external works (including landscaping, public domain and civil works), public brdige works (including structure, services and facade), and patient bridge works (including structure and services) - July 2021 

Management plans and sub-plans

Document name  Issue  Revision 1  Revision 2 Revision 3
 Construction and Environmental Management Plan  May 2019      Updated late 2020 (May 2020)
 Construction Traffic and Pedestrian Management Sub-Plan  May 2019  July 2019  April 2020  
 Construction Worker Transportation Strategy  September  2019  April 2020    
 Noise and Vibration Management Plan  September 2019  May 2020    Refer latest revision of CEMP
 Stormwater and Erosion Management Plan        Refer latest revision of CEMP
 Construction Waste Management Sub-Plan   March 2019  September 2019  March 2020  December 2020
 Construction Soil and Water Management Sub-Plan  March 2019      
 Flood and Emergency Response Management Sub-Plan  June 2019  September 2019    Refer latest revision of CEMP
 Heritage and Archaeological Management Plan  September 2019      December 2020
 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Sub-Plan  June 2019